I don’t know about you but the idea of launching used to conjure up all sorts of scary images for me!

Late nights, toast for dinner and and general rush, rush, rush, coffee, coffee, coffee.

After all, a launch has to be perfect, right?

The right amount of emails, tasks, and not to mention the copy of every blog, email and post that will form part of that launch! Gah!

Well, I say flip the bird! I ain’t gonna put myself through that! So lights, camera, action: Enter Little Launching.

I hear you say, what the heck is Little Launching?

If you’ve been hanging around in Better Than Busy land for a bit, you might have noticed me banging on about this thing called “little launching” or #littlelaunching.

If you haven’t entered the realm of Better Than Busy (I say come and join me!), you’re about to discover a whole new way of doing things in business.

Little Launching is about embracing imperfection and just getting the damn thing done. It’s about taking baby steps in the right direction.

As you might expect, it’s about doing a little launch (as opposed to a big, scary, wolfing-down-coffee launch).

You run a small, imperfect launch with a smaller sales target than your traditional launch (just putting it out there – that if you want 100 sales or a 6-figure launch, Little Launching is not your thing!).

The focus of Little Launching is on making your a smaller number of sales and learning launch strategies whilst you are at it.

Little Launching is a way to stretch your comfort zone without going into total overwhelm and freak-out territory.

We definitely don’t want to land in freak-out territory because that’s where procrastination happens, my friend!

So what’s it all about and how exactly is it different to its bossy, big sister?

In a Little Launch you:

  • give value through a 5-day challenge, webinar, livestream series or similar
  • stretch your boundaries with sales emails (yep, you WILL send some reminder emails!) – even if they aren’t perfectly optimised – and talking about your thing on social media EVERY DAY – even if it’s just in a small way
  • focus on growing your community, making sales and here’s the big one: LEARNING.

Big sigh of relief, right?

We can take it easy, work with the time, knowledge and resources that we DO have and we don’t need to stress about impressing anyone because we sail into it smoothly with a completely different mindset in the first place.

I first came up with the concept of Little Launching when I realised that a lot of business ladies in the Better Than Busy community were struggling to move forward with anything that was launch or growth related (yep, even webinars) because the 6-figure launch hoopla in their Facebook feeds left them feeling overwhelmed, lost and inadequate.

I asked them: would it feel better if you could promote a webinar or challenge without the pressure of Facebook ads, perfect email sequences and high converting copy?

The answer was a resounding yes!

So, like any good strategist, I used myself as a guinea pig.

I decided to run an official Little Launch for my new VIP package. It was pretty last-minute and fly by the seat of my pants!

Here’s what this crazy but fun Little Launch included:

  • 3-day livestream video series promoting the VIP and 2x emails mentioning the package after that. The livestream challenge was promoted on Instagram and Facebook with no ads and, again, only 2x emails to my list.
  • 4x emails to my main list about the package
  • promoting on social media EVERY DAY for the last 5 days (and pretty regularly before that)

Let me tell you – that is not a perfect launch strategy – it doesn’t even include Facebook ads! (I was meant to do them… it didn’t happen).

In fact, there are about 11 billion things missing from that strategy!

BUT it was about experimenting, making a few sales, learning, laying a strong foundation for the next launch and, mostly, just getting the damn thing done.

I made $5000 in sales from that very imperfect launch.

It was pretty laid back and I still found plenty of time to binge-watch Outlander!

I also had tonnes of fun doing it for ME and having laughs with my ladies along the way.

Business should be FUN, right!

Why else be in business?

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