Yes, my friend, you can work less and earn more.

I did it and you can do it.

April was my best month yet in business – even though I was off exploring the beautiful Queensland coast with my kiddies, camping, adventuring and disconnecting from social media.

BUT… if you want to grow your income, you need to grow your strategy.

I’ve been running my business for about 18 months, so I already had a few things working for me:

  • clarity (I knew my target market well)
  • community (people knew me)
  • social proof (clients recommended me)
  • consistent sales
  • momentum

My old strategy was selling low cost single sessions and upselling those people into packages (also low cost).

To be honest, I wasn’t doing so well on the upselling.

Full and frank disclosure there!

But I probably stayed with that start up strategy for longer than I should have and I DEFINITELY had my fees too low.

Here’s where this left me:

  • exhausted
  • filling my schedule with low cost sessions
  • feeling like I wasn’t creating the impact I wanted to create for my clients, myself or the world at large
    on a constant promotion hamster wheel
  • my attention was fragmented by having to constantly be on social media, interacting, creating posts and ALL THE THINGS.

Eventually I threw my hands in the air and said “Enough is enough”.

Want the juicy stuff?

OK… here we go!


The first thing I decided was that I was no longer available for low cost single sessions.

That was that. Line drawn. Move on.

Let me tell you – that was a hella scary decision because that was a solid chunk of my income.


I looked at the clients I LOVED working with. I zoomed right in on these ladies – micro niching if you will. I was now helping busy mums to transition their business to the next level and create strong foundations for flexibility, fun and financial reward.

I shifted my focus to VIP clients. It was SUCH a good feeling to not be fragmenting my attention between all the single session clients and my package clients.

I loaded those packages up with love, value and support.

I still wanted to have an introductory option open for women who weren’t ready for a VIP, so I added more value to my introductory sessions and right priced them as well.


Pricing… yep that one’s a biggie!

How did I settle on my new price point?

  • I could stand in front of a room and say I 100% believe that this package and worth every cent and then some
  • The price point spoke to my ideal client. It stretched her, but she believed in her ability to get a return on investment
  • It felt good
  • The prices reflected the fact that my VIP clients get the best of me and my client intake is capped to support my ability to deliver


Now that I was asking people to commit more time and money to work with me, they were going to need to see more from me before they made that commitment.

The question was: what do these women need in order to feel excited about investing and working with me?

They needed to fall in love with my approach to business, to get excited about my message and the changes that my work could create in their business and life.

I spent more time creating content that was uniquely me and less time on social media.

I spent time EVERY SINGLE DAY journalling and creating content from the heart and sharing that heart driven content. You know the old saying: quality over quantity.


I was on the promotion hamster wheel and every time I hopped off the hamster wheel for a breather, my sales dropped, my income dropped and the feelings of panic and failure ramped up.

I needed to change that.

Enter Little Launching.

Little launching allows me to bring in VIP clients through a launch intake, onboard them and work through the more intensive part of the package BEFORE the school holidays.

During the school holidays, I don’t have to be in promotion mode, my only business activity is to continue supporting my VIP clients.

Little launching gives periods of growth and promotion as well as periods of rest, nurture and connection.


If you would like to know how I can support you to implement these changes in your business, book your 20 minute coffee chat here.

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My mission is to help mums to create fun, flexibility and financial reward in their business.

I tie together my career in planning and implementing multi-million dollar projects, my Masters in Business Administration and my passion for helping mums to be Better Than Busy.

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