Little Launching Livestream

You love that you have a consistent stream of 1:1 clients and you love the people you work with and the change you help them create, but this never ending cycle of clients, promotion and social media is exhausting.

The idea has been right there in your head for months now, but you just haven’t been able to bring it to life – because life happens.

You have a vision for your business and you are ready to JUST DO IT.

No more procrastination, overwhelm or hesitation.

This 3 part livestream series is for you.

You will learn what is little launching and how do you know if it’s right for you how to use little launching for your 1:1 VIP service little launching for small group courses and programs.

Action Planning Video

Does your webinar/course launch to-do list looks like a tax law textbook? Does curling up with Netflix and a block of chocolate seem like the only sensible option?


This free action planning video will help you to map your high priority actions to a timeline so that you know EXACTLY what to do each and every day. No overwhelm, no procrastination.

You can just sit down, do your thing, bob’s your uncle, Netflix is your reward.

The best part?

The video is only 20 minutes.

you’re welcome 😉

PPS: why a tax law textbook? I actually enrolled in tax law when I did my law degree. I went to the first class, saw the textbook and promptly switched classes