You can absolutely build your business on imperfect action.


Let’s go back to when I ran my first 5 day challenge.

The “rulebook” would say that it wasn’t worth my while to run a challenge. I didn’t have a big enough community and I was promoting the challenge organically.

So why did I run it?

It just felt like a good idea! I knew that it played to my strengths (growing a community, being on video, asking people questions and giving simple actionable tips.

I was excited about it and I really wanted to get my new Facebook group buzzing.

I didn’t follow the rules in promoting it. It was purely organic, no big email marketing campaign and I didn’t promote it in 10 Facebook groups.

I didn’t follow the rules for running a “successful” challenge either.

I kept it super simple.

Each day was a simple email with some reflection and action tasks and a Facebook live session to answer questions and provide more examples.

No fancy videos, no fancy worksheets.

But I showed up. I provided amazing value and the challenge got women RESULTS. The atmosphere in that challenge as women had AHA moments and started to make sales even in that 1 weeks was amazing and I FELT AMAZING.

I could see the power of my work.

That week I made more sales than I would usually make in a month.


Not because 5 day challenges are the be all and end all.

But because I KNEW the value of my work, I had fun sharing that value, I spoke with passion and confidence everywhere that I went online and in my chats with potential clients.

So why am I telling you this?

Because I want you to know that there is no secret formula to business success.

It’s about taking imperfect action, showing up as your gorgeous self, playing to your strengths, having fun and showing people the power of your work.

It’s about experimenting, testing ideas and tweaking them as you go.

If you are waiting for things to be pretty and perfect – stop waiting.

Just get in there and experiment.

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