Meet Belinda

Are you ready to hit new milestones in your business so that you can support your family by doing work that you love?

Once upon a time (Oh wait! This isn’t a fairy tale!) I was a successful commercial lawyer (code for: stressed and working way too hard). I spent my 20s negotiating and running multi-million dollar projects.

In my “short break” (9 years so far…) from my legal career, I’ve reclaimed my sanity, completed my Masters in Business Administration and had a second career as a government advisor and contract manager.

I’ve also LOST my sanity again thanks to two small people who test my negotiation skills (and patience) on a regular basis.

In the early stages of my business I tried to do “all the things”. I went around and around in circles and became increasingly frustrated.

And I wasn’t alone. Mums all over the internet were being told to “hustle” and feeling overwhelmed, inadequate and guilty as a result.

It broke my heart to see so many women talk about the sacrifices they had made for their business and STILL they couldn’t see the results.

We deserve more.

Our kids deserve more.

So I decided to tie together my ability to make complex transactions simple, my project planning and implementation experience and my geeky love and knowledge of business strategy and help mums grow their businesses in a way that works FOR THEM.

Let’s throw out the rule book.  Let’s do it one step at a time and say NO to hustle and sacrifice.