Forget the craziness throughout the week with consults, writing copy and weekly playgroup with not a moment for that coffee date your girlfriend keeps banging on about.

What about launching?

Did I just say that?! Oh, I said it.

Cos if it’s one thing to do all the Biz Mum stuff, it’s a whole other ballgame when you have to launch your new thing.

You know what the problem is with launching? LAUNCHING! Overwhelming, huh?

But you know what the problem is with NOT launching?

Constantly being on the promotion hamster wheel. More than overwhelming, it’s exhausting, right?

How many times have you felt inundated with the next step in your launch process and wished that you could wish the week away?

Worse yet, how many times have you felt frozen and not done a single thing because merely starting the launch feels like too much?

Enter Little Launching.   

Launching doesn’t have to be a big, scary, coffee-guzzling thing.

Are you ready for the Ultimate Guide to Little Launching? Grab pen and paper to delve into your awesome business and let’s do it together.

Little Launching basically comes down to 5 simple-dimple steps:

  • Your package – its big value and how you change people’s lives
  • Your ideal number of sales (your sales target)
  • Your little launch and promotion strategy
  • Breaking it all into bite-sized pieces and planning it out

You can do that!

As you can see, with just 5 steps to the Little Launch, you could effectively have your launch planned and ready to go in just 5 days.

In this blog, I will take you through Step 1 – Your Package.

Over the next few blogs, I’ll give you all the goodness on the other steps.

By the end of The Ultimate Guide to Little Launching, you will feel relaxed and confident – I GOT THIS!

So let’s get cracking.


Alright lady, what are you actually selling in this launch? And by that, I mean:

– What’s the change you will create in your clients’ lives; what’s the outcome; what’s the transformation? AND

– What’s the actual package that you are selling?

Let’s brainstorm together and let our pens flurry over the page with answers to the following questions, where we go a little deeper.

What’s the transformation?

  • Who is your package for? Dig deep here. It’s not just “mums” or “mums with toddlers”. We’re talking ALL THE STUFF, eg: It’s for the mum who is at home with full-time toddlers and is filled with self-loathing because she actually doesn’t enjoy being a full-time mum but she doesn’t want to admit it. She’s lonely, feels like she is wasting her skills and talents and she feels guilty that she doesn’t want to be at home full time – you get the drift.

The reason why we want to go deep is so that we can create an image in our heads.

Our minds are so powerful that when we are able to visualise something – anything – it is so vivid to our minds that it cannot tell whether it is real or imagined.

The brain processes that image in the same way as though it were real.

We want to know exactly who we’re talking to, my friend.

  • At what stage in her journey is your ideal client now? How does she feel? Why doesn’t she want to be there now?
  • Why does she want to create change? (Trust me, whoever she is – she wants something to change!)
  • Where does she want to go in her journey? What is the outcome she’s looking for? How does she want to feel?
  • What success are you setting her up for?

These questions will help you determine who exactly you are going to talk to, write to and promote to.

If your ideal client is the mum with toddlers who is feeling guilty because she doesn’t want to be a full-time mum, your message will be entirely different to the business who aims to reach mums with school-aged kids and who might be feeling frustrated that she doesn’t get to achieve much in her 5 hour day.

Getting the idea?

What’s the package?

Now that you’ve got a clear picture of who the wonderful lady is that you want to reach and help with the amazing talent and value that you give, let’s move onto the bones of the service.

Your package is made up of:

  • The transformation you create (see above)
  • What’s included (how many sessions, any extra support and bonuses that you provide etc.)
  • How much you charge

Regarding the 3rd point: a gentle reminder for you about your pricing here – make sure that you factor in the transformation you are creating in your client!

Also, make sure that you factor into your pricing the actual time that goes into any bonuses, such as email or Messenger support and reviewing copy for your emails, posts and promotions.

So let’s get off the hamster wheel of promotion and leave the dirty laundry of launching behind because we’ve got Little Launching now. Little Launching gets us and we can do this!

Get excited – because the next blog post will be about your Sales Target and your Promotion Strategy. Hold onto your seat cos it’s going to get FUN!

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