Just do it!! This training is super practical AND super fun. You end up with ACTUAL STEPS FORWARD. No sitting around wondering what the hell to do next.

Lizzie Carroll

Tired of hustling for low cost single sessions, freebies and sales calls?

Join us and learn the secret to creating a signature services that sells with ease

Create your signature service live workshop

Would you like to create more space in your schedule by ditching the hustle of single sessions and focusing on #littlelaunching your 1:1 VIP package?

Will you join us??

Live workshop Wednesday 9 October, 7.00pm AEST

Want to know the first step to stepping off the promotion hamster wheel and selling your packages consistently?

It’s having a signature service that creates a big transformation for your client.

But having a life-changing package isn’t enough. Sorry!

You need to be able to articulate the value of that package and help people fall in love with the change that you can create in their life.

Once you nail these foundations, the sky is the limit. In fact, once you nail these foundations, you will probably own the value of your work so thoroughly that you will be EXCITED to put your prices up! And people will keep buying…

This fee training will give you the questions that you need to ask yourself in order to create a package that gives incredible value to you AND your clients and feels amazing to deliver.

Belinda is like the wisest part of you. The part you usually don’t listen to enough! She is nurturing and no nonsense at the same time. Incredibly approachable and down to earth. Belinda was the final kick up the bum I needed to #littlelaunch my programme and I sold SEVEN places within days! She takes the panic and fear out of business and makes it incredibly doable

Georgina Bowden

Free workshop Wednesday 9 October, 7.00pm AEST