I’m gonna come right out and say it… You don’t need to have all your content scheduled for the next 6 months.

I know, I know! A lot of people would have you think 50 shades of crazy but that’s ok.

Let me explain…

I’m a big believer in reading the room (I’ve been a lawyer, an advisor and a trainer – trust me – you have to read the room!). 

You need to have enough flexibility in your content to go where the conversation goes.

My first #littlelaunch was a success and it came purely from reading the room and giving people what they wanted.

I had a few conversations with women about how overwhelming the idea of launching is.

I asked a few questions and the answers were consistent – my people are sick of hearing about 6 figure launches, they just want a launch that they feel comfortable they can manage and that sets them up for flexibility and growth.

I floated the concept of little launching and people loved it. So I kept riffing on it and more and more people loved it.

Now #littlelaunchingisathing … but if I’d hadn’t kept the space to read the room and follow the conversation, it never would have happened.

So… yep… I’m a content planning rebel but I’m also playing to my strengths.

I schedule time every day (sometimes it goes on the back burner, but I definitely manage to pull it off several times per week) to journal and create highly connected content.

It’s very ME – my own take on something that I’ve seen online, a response to a conversation online, a lesson I business I learned from listening to the Wizard of Oz 10 times (true story) or watching my kids go swimming i a cold creek.

Don’t be afraid to blend pre-scheduled and live content.

I would say that AT LEAST 50% of my content isn’t planned in advance. I feel connected to my audience when I’m creating content based on the conversations that we’re having right now.

So if you were feeling like you aren’t ready for the next level of your business because you haven’t got 6 months worth of content scheduled out – DO NOT LET THAT STOP YOU.

Remember – Quality trumps quantity every freaking time.

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