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click through for your free workbook to reflect on your year and acknowledge what you have learned and achievedThe end of the year is nearly upon us.

Did the year whizz past you? I know it did for me. I’ve been wondering what actually happened this year. Where did I spend my time?

There is a pretty good chance you also are wondering how the year went so quickly and what did you achieve. This seems to be pretty common on this busy life we live.

Want to reflect on the year with me? Keep reading and make sure you get your yearly reflection workbook.

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If you follow my blog, you would know that I’ve been focussing on becoming more mindful and simplifying in my life. In recent times I have become quite self aware and I enjoy introspection and examining where I spend my time.  I’ve started to not only set goals, but also to check those goals against more core values and the things that really matter to me. Right now, you won’t find me setting a goal for a job that pays more, because that’s not aligned with my core values at this point in time.

I’m always looking for ways to spend less time doing the things that I just have to do (housework) and more time on things that I enjoy (spending time with friends, watching the walking dead with my hubby, working on my blog).  The end of the year is a good time to reflect on how we’ve spent time these last twelve months and whether there is a better way to spend out time next year. After all, time is our most precious commodity.

This year I’ve done an end of year reflection. I can’t believe I’ve never done this before. I really enjoyed celebrating my successes and click through for your free workbook to reflect on your year and acknowledge what you have learned and achievedacknowledging how much I’ve learned – particularly about myself. My greatest achievement has been tackling my fear of failure and putting my writing out to the universe. It’s been a pleasure to stop and pat myself on the back for being brave enough to do that.

Do you do an end of year reflection? If you haven’t done one before, here is a list of good reasons to give it a try:

  • Give yourself a pat on the back. It’s easy to forget about your small wins throughout the year
  • Recognise what you learned during the year, particularly the things that you learned about yourself. In my case I learned that I am a much nicer mum in the morning if I get out of bed early and have half an hour to myself to journal and have a cup of coffee before the kids get up (of course, in a house like mine with Captain Destroyer the child who never sleeps this is VERY difficult, because I’m also cranky if I don’t  get enough sleep). It’s a small thing that I wouldn’t have celebrated without this reflective exercise, but that knowledge will be helpful during the next decade of so of having young kids
  • Get back on track with the things you DIDN’T do this year. You might have had a project or goal that fell through the cracks. For me – this was my new roof. I started organising quotes to get a new roof in about March. A few life circumstances caused delays, but then I lost interest and procrastinated for no good reason – my reflection forced me to admit procrastination and that I need to set clear timelines for when these projects will happen. After I did the review I reminded Mr Busy Bee that although the quotes were in we hadn’t made a decision. Seriously – for the last four months all I’ve had to do is pick up the phone and say; yes, please go ahead and build me a new roof.  After doing my review on the weekend,  I called my new buddy Earl the roofer, then wouldn’t you know it – he says, I’ll order the gear today and next week you will have a new roof. I kid you not – I stuffed around for almost a year, then finally made that 2 minute phone call, now my house is going to have a lovely new roof in a couple weeks.
  • Look at where your time and energy went and if its really where you want my energy to go. For me: sanding a stupid cupboard door – I really should have  accepted that it was a stupid project and bought new doors. I also spend way to much time picking up toys and tidying this one particular bench where things get thrown, so now I know I have to create more systems in my house and continue decluttering.
  • Recognise progress towards bigger life goals. Do you have a pipe dream? My pipe dream is to write and publish a book. I’ve never done anything about it, other than from time to time write short stories that only my closest friends read, journal or read newsletters from writing websites. This year, I’ve made much greater progress – I started my blog and I have a little seed of an idea for a book that I plan to write next year. It’s a seed, I planted it, if I water it maybe it will grow.

Before my reflection exercise, I didn’t think I had achieved much. I would have told you that I started my blog and I’d been through a few difficult things personally. Now I can tell you that this has been a tricky year with a few personal circumstances – but those circumstances have opened up and improved some beautiful relationships, which makes me feel really lucky. I can also tell you I’ve gotten to know myself a lot better.

My reflection on the year also told me a few things that I’d dropped the ball on. I don’t see my friends anywhere near enough. Some of my greatest times this year have been the limited time that I have spent with beautiful friends.

You can read more about how I’m using this reflection to spend more time on the things I love here.

If you have been following me for a while you will know I have a small “problem” with stationery. So I created a workbook to do my year in review (of course, I filled out my workbook with a sparkly glitter pens and it was AWESOME!). I want to share my workbook with you so you can feel good about how much you have learned this year too and start working towards more improvement next year.

Do you want to see the workbook in use? Australian author and podcaster Kelly Exeter used this workbook to do her end of review. You can read her end of hear review on A Life Less Frantic here.

You can also listen to the podcast Let it be, where Kelly Exeter and her co-host Brooke McAlary used the workbook to do a review.

click through for your free workbook to reflect on your year and acknowledge what you have learned and achieved

If you want to do your review, sign up to the list. Let me know what your reflection teaches you and what your celebrating. If there is a project that you are going to pull back on track, tell me about that too (pretty please reassure me that I’m not the only person who procrastinated on a simple project for most of the year!).

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