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the best time management book for busy mums, written by moms for moms. practical advice on making time for the things you loveSince I started my blog I have struggled with organisation, time management and procrastination. I probably only started reading about time management to avoid the real problem – procrastination.

In fact – I probably only started this blog to procrastinate on something else: probably my house work. But I digress.

I recently read the book Time Management Mama by Sarah Korhnak and Beth Anne Shwamberger. I saw a couple of Beth Anne’s Facebook lives for Brilliant Business Moms and I really liked her, she was easy to relate to and really sweet, so I was pretty keen to jump into her time management book.

I loved it!

The first chapters about goal setting were bang on for me. I’m a major over-achiever, but I’ve never been good at setting meaningful goals and working towards them. I tend to decide I will do something and just do it – which is probably why I take too much on and become overwhelmed.

One of the tips is to write down 25 goals and then choose the top 5 and ignore the rest. Get out! I hear you saying, only work on 5 things? I know! It’s brilliant.

Let’s face it: those 5 would fill up more time than I have available anyway – build my blog, write my first ebook,  spend quality time with my family, walk everyday and renovate my house. Given that more than 14 hours of the day are taken up with looking after kids, working and cooking, there’s not that much time for everything else to happen anyway. To avoid the disappointment it’s best to just accept that right now learning mandarin and seeking out a job that pays me $1,000,000 per year are not going to happen.

Once you’ve actually identified your key goals she helps you break them down into small bite sized pieces you can schedule and achieve. I’ve been much more productive since I started acting on the tips in this book (which are many by the way). Not only does the book contain tips from Sarah and Beth Anne themselves but also from other mums who juggle creative businesses and kids.

As Sarah and Beth Anne themselves said: they were tired of time management books that were written for dudes by dudes. That’s why I love this book – they get that we mums are sleep deprived and there is a temptation to stay up late and keep on keeping on rather than going to bed. They talk about the times when multi-tasking works (ie: watching a show or listening to a podcast whilst folding the washing) and when its doesn’t work. I’m trying to single task since I read Daniel Levitan’s book The Organized Mind, which explains the science behind why multi-tasking is actually an illusion.

The tips that Sarah and Beth Anne provide for things like balancing the house work and feeding kids are practical and realistic. I love that. They don’t come up with a one size fits all solution that you simply must do or you will be an epic failure for the rest of your life (am I the only one who sometimes feels that way after reading bossy, preachy articles?). Nope, they are lovely and accepting and give lots of options for people who function in quite different ways – the people who can function in a messy house and the ones who can’t.

the best time management book for busy mums, written by moms for moms. practical advice on making time for the things you love

I’m giving this book a 10/10. I loved it. It was chatty, easy to read and easy to implement -all things I love.

If you are a mum with young kids and a biz or a work at home mum, I’m going to say its great for you. If you are a mum that struggles with time but have a creative goal that you want to pursue I think you will find it beneficial too, simply because it gives you ways to save time around the house and helpful tips for setting goals so that you can say – hey I’m really making inroads to knitting my first blanket or sewing those cute dresses that I promised to make my sister’s kids etc.

I printed a downloadable version, but I’d love to have the print version because it’s so pretty.

Did you find this review helpful? If you have already read it or I’ve convinced you to read it – let me know. I’d also love to hear if you have some other good time management books for busy mums.

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