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Have you ever decided that you aren’t going to do the “busyness” thing anymore?

It starts out well, but then things slip and slip and before you know it things are out of control…

No? Oh yeah, me either. I was just asking for a friend of mine.

Just kidding! Of course I’ve been there!

Maybe you relate to some of these:

  • You struggle with finding time for anything that is personally fulfilling
  • you feel like you’re a prisoner to your to do list
  • you are still working your day job whilst you build up your business and managing the kids and family as well (I hear you on this one sister!)
  • the balls are never all juggling at the same time, it feels like you are watching the balls fall and shatter in slow motion
  • you are tired of feeling overwhelmed and rushed
  • you want to escape survival mode
  • you are tired of feeling rushed.

Can you relate? Check out the Productive Biz Mum Checklist to identify your productivity pitfalls

I want to be a Productive Biz Mama


Why can’t we commit to the change?


Change is hard and uncomfortable. If you want change, you need to understand why you want to change, the benefits of change and the consequences of not making change.


In Kotter’s 8 steps of change management he says the first step is to create urgency and that it is the most critical step for change – “urgency motivates people towards action to make the transformation come true.” We need to connect in a way that brings energy to drive the change and creates a real and emotional connection to the change.


Several shades of why


In business there’s a concept of root cause analysis. I’m paraphrasing here, but you basically ask why 5-7 times until you get to the root cause of the problem.


So you want to manage your time better – why?


  • I’m overwhelmed OR
  • I want downtime where I don’t have to meet anyone else’s demands

In these cases, let’s ask why we want these things – we are looking for a motivator and a sense of urgency to create change.


A desire to manage time better may not in itself create enough motivation to actually make the change – because as I said, change is hard work!


So let’s look at why we might want the change…


  • I’m tired and stressed
  • I’m not the mum I want to be
  • I’ve lost my joy factor
  • I feel guilty because I yell at my kids




A bit more motivating than just: I want to manage my time better.


What about this? The arrows indicate the question Why does it matter?




I’m chasing my tail in my business


I’m not making any progress, I put in so much time and get no results


I’m losing time with my kids for no real reason,


If I don’t increase my revenue in the next 6 months I will need to go back to work


I don’t want to be full time at the office and miss time with my kids.


Much more motivating.


Keep asking why until you have a list of reasons that are really motivating.


A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

Make sure you also look for meaningful opportunities that the changes could bring. How would your life improve if you manage your time better? Would it:

  • give your extra time to do something fun with the kids on weekends
  • result in your business generating more income?

What would that extra income mean to you? Would you:

  • outsource some of the components of your business that you don’t enjoy?
  • Work less?
  • Take more holidays?
  • Take an occasional night off cooking and order take away?

Charles Duhigg (2016) says in his book Smarter, Faster, Better:

“We need to prove to ourselves that our choices are meaningful. When we start a new task or confront an unpleasant chore we need to remind ourselves “why”. Once we ask why, small tasks become pieces of a larger constellation of more meaningful goals, projects and values”.  

So get clear on why you want to make those changes and manage your time better and link it to your goals and your core values .

Get cracking lady – you can do this!