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Crazy things I’ve done because I’m an exhausted mum – a little bit of humour for you

Exhausted? I hear you lady.

Some kids don’t sleep much. That is a reality. OK, so that’s a reality for me and if your toddler sleeps well, please don’t tell me about it right now – you just might break me.

Some mums have to work at a day job – that’s me too. I “only” work part-time, but I do compressed hours its 3-4 long days a week of brain-draining work.

I’m going go out on a limb and say – all mums work. If you don’t have a “day-job” (HA!! being a mum is an every minute of your life job) you are no doubt still tired. I haven’t met a mum who isn’t tired, so most of this will apply to you too.

My husband works full-time. On the days I work, we are out the door at 7.30 and home around 5.30. It’s not ideal, but that’s the way it is for us.

So when my lovely 2 year old, Captain Destroyer, goes on one of his YOU SHALL NOT SLEEEEP  (Like in Lord of the Rings – YOU SHALL NOT PAAASS in case you didn’t realise what was happening in my head) phases things get hard for me. Mr Busy Bee is a heavy sleeper and years of basketball injuries and working in physical labour means his body does not work well in the morning. The man moves so slowly that I can get up, solve the problem, get the kid back to sleep and he’s still trying to roll out of bed. Let’s hope my house never catches fire whilst he’s asleep, I’d probably have to carry him out of the house. NOTE TO SELF: In my next lifetime, don’t marry someone with old basketball injuries and a bad back.

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People often write tips for tired mums about things lovely ideas like – sleep when the baby sleeps. HA! That’s brilliant! If (a) you are at home, (b) you have a kid that sleeps and (c) you don’t have ANOTHER kid that insists on coming in to “check on you” if you are laying down. I very much doubt there are many tired mums out there you achieve that trifecta, because if they did – well they wouldn’t be quite so tired now.

Being a mum is a full time job

Let me just explain (c) above: I’m always awake when my kids are awake, even if we are both at home. I just am. I might (OK – do) lay on the couch with a book or something, but I”m always awake. My fatigue recently reached such a point that I went back to bed after Mr Betterthanbusy woke up, I’d already been up for hours by that stage. After half an hour or so my lovely 4 year old, Princess Sparkles, woke me up to check that I was OK. This was not a joke. She then proceeded to get cross with me and tell me to “use my words” because she couldn’t understand me when I was mumbling at her in that woken from a deep sleep way.

This was going to be a post about ways to cope with being deliriously tired as working mum, but it seems to have taken itself in another direction (this happens to me frequently, I suspect that I lack focus). So instead, I think I will leave you with a list of things that will tell you that you have moved from being tired to a sleep deprived mess…

  • You almost put dog food in the washing machine instead of washing detergent
  • You fall asleep sitting at your desk at work
  • You have a microscope waiting for your colleague to look something up on your computer
  • You doze off in a meeting
  • You arrive at a birthday party, having put make up on to hide how crap you look and you get greeted with – You look like crap mate, everything ok?
  • You pour your kid’s cereal into your coffee instead of their bowl
  • Your most uttered sentence is: “Can someone tell me what I was saying again? I’ve lost my train of thought”
  • You tell your husband to buy you champagne because its been a rough week, but you are too tired to even open it
  • You forget what doors are for and walk into them instead of through them
  • you forget to put the lid on the milk and spray it across the kitchen as you attempt to put it in the fridge
  • You attempt to make tea without a teabag
  • You make many, many slices of toast because you keep forgetting about it each time and it goes cold each time.

May the sleep be with you.

But until then… get some tips on how to stay awake at work with this post.

Share your tired mistakes with me in the comments below. I’d love to hear!

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