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There is a phenomena amongst busy mums: we have no time for ourselves. My friends and I laugh that we can’t even remember what our hobbies are, because we can’t remember the last time that we did something just for fun.

Sound familiar?


Yes we are busy mums, but we are more than our to-do lists.

Have a think about these common problems for busy mums and think about whether you can claw back some time by giving these time vampires a wooden stake to the heart (Yes, I was a Buffy fan back in the day!).

1. Not setting goals

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking “I don’t have time to set goals” or “Surely working towards goals takes more time than just putting in the hours I have to spare.”

So how does setting goals actually help you have more time to spare?

Firstly, by setting goals you are working towards a clear destination. Once you have a clear destination, it is easier to identify the tasks that won’t contribute to achieving to those goals.

Secondly, setting goals that are linked to your core values and purpose can keep you motivated and we all know that we work harder and procrastinate less when we are motivated. You can read more about staying motivated in this post.

2. Social Media

Pinterest, facebook, twitter, instagram… whatever the poison of choice is… it can be time down the toilet.

Social media plays an important role for me as a business owner – if I don’t share my work on social media, noone will find it. If noone knows my business exists, does it even exist? Profound!

I have rules for myself about how and when I use social media. When I don’t follow those rules, time seeps away and I stay up past bedtime. Sleep is not for the weak peeps, sleep is the real deal. Pretty please don’t stay up late feeling envious of the lovely cake that your best friend’s cousin’s daughter made for her dog’s first birthday – it’s just not making your life better.

By all means have real interactions, connect and find information on social media and the web, but be conscious of mindless scrolling and pissing time down the drain.

If you really want to make time for yourself, this might be one area that you can shave some time off.


3. Doing it all

In Annabelle Crabb’s book The Wife Drought (Brilliant book – read it peeps!) she says something along the lines of: If having it all means doing it all, it’s never going to work. (Pin the image below of this quote to keep it in mind!)

We can’t do it all, there are only 24 hours in the day. We need to say no to stuff that isn’t important  and doesn’t bring us joy (even if someone else thinks it should be important to us). We need to delegate or outsource some of the stuff that’s on our to-do lists.

4. Not having a plan

Do you have a 90 day, monthly or weekly plan?

If setting your goals gives you a destination,  having a plan gives you road map. Creating a plan to achieve the goals keeps you moving in something that resembles a direct path. A plan can eliminate (or at least reduce!) the shiney object syndrome and the tendency to run around in circles.


5. Multi-tasking

I know! But we are mums, we are so good at it right! Or, are we??

In their book Do Less, Be More Martina Sheehan and Susan Pearse refer to studies that indicate:

  • it can take us 1.5 times longer to do tasks when we are multi-tasking;
  • multi-tasking can reduce our productivity by up to 40%; and
  • people who thought they were were expert multi-taskers were WORSE at multi-tasking than single taskers.

So unless you are sticking to two low intensity tasks such as washing dishes and listening to a podcast, scrap the multi-tasking. Don’t combine that same podcast with doing your BAS if you want to do it “quickly” or get it right the first time around.

So how about you?

Do you fall into any of these traps? Which one is hardest for you? Have you kicked one of these habits? I’d love to hear! Drop a comment below or over on facebook.