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If you follow my blog, you probably know that I listen to podcasts to keep me going when I’m tired (which is every day! The joy of kids that don’t sleep) and when I’m cleaning (also every day!!). One of my favourites is the blog to profit show, which I’ve been binge listening to over the last month or so.

Here are 5 reasons why I love Alice Nicholls and Blog to Profit:

  1. I love her version of success. Her version of success? Mowing her lawn at lunch time, being able to come downstairs and have lunch with her kids. She is really down to earth about success and what it means to different people.
  2. I had a huge AHA moment in her podcast about finding balance. In this podcast Alice says that she gets asked a lot about how she balances things, but she noticed that she has never been asked that question by anyone who has a really committed self care ritual. Self care first, and then balance comes after that – BRILLIANT. That was the day that I decided to stop just talking about self care and actually make it the priority of my day – I’m still working on this one (it’s hard to break the habit of a lifetime!) but it just makes so much sense. Simple, but so SO important.
  3. Another lightbulb moment for me – her podcast about goal setting. Alice is a mum to two young kids too, so I feel like she gets the clash between being a committed mum and having personal goals. You can’t make 500 goals and expect There will be days when your dreams feel to hard to achieve, but you must keep going. Click through to read about the women who almost walked away from the #1 selling appto achieve them, because you won’t. You need to choose a few important goals, set a firm date to achieve them, break down all the small steps and really commit. I’ve been working hard on this and it helps so much. This month I followed this process with my blogging goals and it was amazing. When I broke down the goals into smaller sub-projects I realised that I wouldn’t achieve them all – with 2 kids (including one having a birthday), a job and Christmas it was never going to happen. I got realistic, dropped a few goals and got an accountability partner (I recommend this!) who I email my goals to every week and I fess up if I didn’t achieve last week’s goals. By following the process and setting less goals, I’m actually achieving more. If you struggle with goal setting and commitment, listen to this podcast.
  4. She breaks things down into simple, achievable steps. Her podcast about creating and launching a digital product was BRILLIANT. I couldn’t stop scribbling notes. She breaks it down into 5 steps that feel achievable, not overwhelming. I have a blog because I love to write and I plan to write e-books. Alice helped me feel like that might actually be possible.
  5. She shares stories of ordinary women doing what they love and rocking it. If you have read any of my ordinary but extraordinary profiles you will know I love to celebrate ordinary women. Her recent podcast with the merrymaker sisters after they went #1 with their new app was inspirational to me. Why? There will be days when your dreams feel to hard to achieve, but you must keep going. Click through to read about the women who almost walked away from the #1 selling appBecause the merrymaker sisters almost walked away from making that app because it seemed like too big a project. It cemented to me that there will be days (months!) when you want to walk away, but if you really believe in it dust yourself off and keep going.

I’ve been binge listening to the back catalogue of Blog to Profit and hoping that the Blog to Profit e-course would run again and now it is!! I surprised myself by signing up straight away without overthinking it.

Why was I surprised? Well it’s not pocket money. In the few months I’ve had this blog, I’ve watched a lot of free webinars, listened to a lot of podcasts and bought multiple books about blogging (when they are on sale of course – I’m terribly sensible – BORING – with my money). For the most part, I haven’t actually gotten too far with most of the books. I’m a procrastinator.

I think I knew I would do the Blog to Profit course before I even knew (does that even make sense to anyone but me?). Because Alice shares such great FREE advice on her podcast I already trust her and I like the way she teaches. -She doesn’t say hustle, hustle, hustle. She says know your vision and your version of success and work towards that. Tackle your mindset problems. She gets that not everyone want to make millions of dollars from their blog. I’m not interested in making millions of dollars. I want to write, help other mums find balance and top up my income by doing what I love so I can work less hours at the office and pick my daughter up from school (believe it or not I don’t actually want to quit my day job – I just want to be able to work a couple less days and be able to finish in time to pick up daughter from school).

My work on self awareness has also taught me that I need accountability. I need to be part of a group that is working towards a goal at the same time. I have paid less for e-courses that I barely started watching because I’m a procrastinator. Because this course includes a Facebook group of like-minded ladies doing the same thing it will keep me accountable. They will be in the Facebook group every week talking about the webinar and cheering each other on and I need that motivation.

Finally – I’m “SENSIBLE” with my money, so if I invest this amount of money I’m doing the damn course. I didn’t invest much in the other courses and even when I bought them I told myself “it’s only $20 so it won’t be a big deal if I don’t do the whole course”. I committed to not committing when I bought those courses. With this course, I’m committing to committing. Readers – hold me accountable. Remind me that I can’t afford to waste that money.

If you are interested in joining me in the course, enrolment is open until 23 December and it kicks off in January. If you are interested – binge listen to the podcasts and get a feel for Alice’s style of teaching and whether its for you.

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