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Join the search for ways to create more time and space in your life for things you loveHi, I’m Belinda, the writer behind Better than busy.

If you are an overwhelmed mum who wants life to be more than a to-do list, you are singing from my song-book lady. I’m mum to a 2 year old boy and a 5 year old girl, I work part-time in an office job and I run this here blog and freelance business. I love to write, I keep it real and I love a laugh – laugh or cry right?

I’m a writer and researcher for all things busy mum. I Busy mum - do you feel like your life is a to do list? Let me help you. Click through for morebelieve that mums deserve to be more than their to do lists. It’s my mission to provide community, humour and strategies for exhausted, overwhelmed mothers to create more space in their lives for the things they love.


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Where did my better than busy journey start?

My own journey to becoming better than busy started with a severe bout of post natal depression after baby number 2 was born. Mr #2 didn’t sleep (he still isn’t a big fan) and Miss #1 was embracing the terrible twos with gusto. Add in my history with depression and some hefty financial problems and you are left with a mum that’s losing the plot. Every day became a survival exercise.

Finally, after accepting the necessity of medication, a LOT of counselling and regular income returning to my bank account I made some progress.

As I started to see a path out of hell I realised that I wanted more. I had the perfect life – a flexible part-time job that paid well, fabulous work colleagues, enough money in the bank account (nothing extra, but these days enough is pretty good in my mind) two beautiful, healthy children and a good relationship with my husband. But somehow having all all felt like having not much at all. I was drowning in a sea of responsibilities and I had lost track of who I was. I knew I need to make changes, but I had no idea where to start.

As part of my therapy I started journalling and it reignited my passion for writing. I started reading books about writing, mindfulness and meditation and anything I could get my hands on about finding balance and happiness.

I started talking to other mums about how they find balance and I realised I wasn’t alone: we are worn out by constantly giving, fulfilling our responsibilities and losing track of ourselves. I want to change that.

I don’t have all the answers. To steal a concept from Denise Duffield-Thomas: I’m not a guru, I’m a contributor.

Every family is different, so I’m not here to tell you how what you absolutely must do if you want to have a happy and fulfilling life – I’m here to support you, give you a community, laugh with you and throw around ideas and concepts to think on and try out.

busy mum - are you weighed down by your responsibilities? Join our communityYOU ARE MORE THAN YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES. Let’s find a way to create more space in our lives for the things we love – do more from love and less from responsibility.

A little bit more about me…

I’m a balance-seeker, listographer (OK, I made that word up but it means I like making lists. I think it’s a good word) and a recovering procrastinator, perfectionist and multi-tasker. I love pretty pens, journals and stationery and when I start singing I just can’t stop. I’m also a VERY bad singer.

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