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Find Five for Mum

Hi there busy mum!

It's hard for busy mums to find time for themselves. Click through to get your quick, simple self care activities in your inbox.


I’m so happy to be bringing you my new digital product – Find Five for Mum. Find Five for Mum is a workbook and series of five emails that contain quick, simple self-care activities for mums.

Does this sound like you?

  • it’s hard to juggle all your responsibilities
  • it feels selfish to take time out for yourself
  • there is no time for time out or self-care
  • you feel guilty when you prioritise your needs over your family’s needs.

I totally get it. That’s why I will deliver an email to your inbox with a quick and easy self care activity as a daily reminder to take care of yourself.

Want in? Buy it here. Jump in now because I’m having a Mother’s Day sale.

Here’s what people are saying…

“It is refreshing to want to pause for 5 minutes and read the next challenge from Better Than Busy. Bee is honest and straight to the point with a touch of humour.  I found the challenges easy to complete and rewarding. And a couple of times I had done something similar already during the day so it’s a nice pat on the back for me and a reminder that I’m doing ok.  I highly recommend Find Five for Mum for anyone struggling with self-care.” Jo Kanaris – Bamboo Lulu –

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