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Welcome to Better Than Busy with Belinda Gill, Business Strategist and Mentor.


Hi, I’m Belinda. I’m a strategy and planning nerd and proud of it!


If you are a busy mum, ready to get focused, hit new milestones in your business and take back your life – then you are in the right place!

Now that you have a taste of making money  doing what you love, settling for a boring and inflexible day job isn’t good enough anymore. This is about more than the money girl!


You are ready to turn that steady trickle of clients into a flowing river WITHOUT the hustle. After all – you created this business to GIVE you fexibility, not to make you tired and cranky (anyone else feel tired and cranky these days?!).

So why am I the lady to help you?

Firstly, I’m a busy mum too. I have two littles and I’m growing my business around my day job as a contract manager.

Throughout my career people (15 years! Could I really be that old??) have come to me with their BIG goals and I make it happen – first as a lawyer, then as an advisor and contract manager and now as a business strategist. I’ve run projects for the government, major resort chains, public companies and small businesses.

In fact, my biggest client was a well known resort chain and I ran their $20 million resort purchase for them.

I bring this big experience and my Masters in Business Administration to help you achieve your big dreams.

My big dream? To empower mums to support their family through a flexible business that they love and to do it in a way that feels GOOD.

I’m tired of “gurus” saying that we have to hustle and do it all. NO! No more! Let’s do this in a way that feels simple and achievable. Let’s do this our way.

I’m here to help you find the right strategy for YOUR busy life and to help you implement it.

business strategist for mums in business and mumpreneurs

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