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What is Better Than Busy about?

Hi, I’m Belinda. I’m the streamlining and strategy geek behinda Better Than Busy.

Ever feel like:

  • You are juggling so many balls that you can’t keep them in the air
  • You are watching said balls fall in slow motion and smash on the floor
  • You are spinning your wheels HARD and things are just getting more and more out of control
  • By the time you sit down at your desk, you have so many things on your mind that you just can’t focus – you do a bit of this and a bit of that but don’t make any real progress.

Yep? Thought so. Here’s the thing – I talk to a lot of mums in business, and this is pretty common.

But don’t worry lady – I’ve got you. I make it my business to find a focused and streamlined strategy that suits you and your business.

I’m a strategist and mentor for mums in business who want to make every minute count. I believe that mums deserve to be more than their to do lists. I believe that you deserve to have a business you love and enjoy time with your family.

Let’s make your business more efficient and get you laser focussed so you can spend more time loving your family and your life.

I’m mum to two littles and I juggle a part-time job, my business and my family.

Crazy I know. BUT I’m passionate that mums deserve to have a business they love and a family they love, so that’s why I do it.

Long ago in a galaxy far away, I was a commercial lawyer (shhh! It’s my dirty secret, don’t tell too many people!). Whilst still doing those twelve hour days I started to geek out about business systems, so I started a Masters in Business Administration. I LOVED that geeky business stuff so I took a “short break” from my legal career (that “short break” has lasted seven years or so now) and became an advisor.

Then came the kiddoes. I had about three subjects of my masters degree left to go when I started maternity leave with kiddo #1 and thought I would “smash them out” while on my six months maternity leave. Hilarious! No that didn’t happen. Only a woman who has never had children would think that’s possible. So I went back to work and finished the MBA whilst working three days a week and a baby in the equation. Madness.

What’s my secret? Focus, baby. I worked out exactly what I needed to do to get the MBA finished and that’s what I did. I resisted distractions and the tempation to do it all. I just did what I had to do to get the degree. Just quietly – I rocked it. By knowing where to focus and letting everything else slide, I kicked some MBA butt.

Now I want to help mums use that same kind of focus and streamlining in their business so they can be efficient and have time left over to enjoy their family.

Who am I to tell mums about strealining and strategy?

– I have almost a decade of reporting my time in six minute increments

– I completed an MBA whilst working part-time and with a baby in the mix

– I’ve managed large, complex projects as a lawyer and a contract manager

– I created business systems to minimise risk and achieve efficiencies in my legal career

-I’ve built this business in approximately 15 hours a week, whilst working part-time as a contract manager and parenting a toddler and my big prep girl (the first year of school).

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